Present Perfect Simple versus Past Simple 2

Gap-fill exercise

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Complete this paragraph with the correct form of the verb. Choose between the Present Perfect Simple or Past Simple.

London (to have) an underground system since the 19th century. The London Underground (to start) in 1863, when workers and engineers (to build) the Metrepolitan railway. This railway line (to go) from Paddington Station to Farringdon Street Station, and steam engines (to pull) the carriages. Eleven more lines (to open) since then. The world's first underground electric railway (to open) in 1890. This line (to go) from the City of London to Stockwell. The most modern line is the Jubilee line, which (to open) in 1979. Since the London Underground (to begin), many other cities, like New York and Paris, (to build) their own systems.